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Hiking machinery is a professional concrete equipment supplier, we offer high quality and cost effective products to Canadian customers. We not only sell power trowel locally in Canada, here you can also get more detailed information about the machines.


The power trowel machine is also called concrete finishing machine, power float, concrete helicopter and helicoptere beton. It is mainly used in concrete surface construction to float and finish the concrete floor. There are two types of power trowel – walk behind type and ride on type. The blades of trowel machines can be divided into two categories – Float pans and finishing blades. The drive form can be divided into two types that include electric power trowel and gas power trowel. The float pan is mainly used for concrete lifting and smoothing, while the finish blade is mainly used for smoothing in subsequent concrete construction. Concrete power trowel is one kind of concrete flooring machine with good construction quality and high efficiency. The correct use of power trowel can significantly improve the FF number of the floor.


The hiking power trowel includes ride on trowel and walk behind trowel products. The machines are of low maintenance and long life design, powered by reliable Honda and Vanguard type engines, and equipped with large volume and high speed durable reducers. Hiking trowel machine is an economical solution for finishing surfaces, edges and corners. They can help finish the concrete slab project in a short time, while reducing labor. They are very convenient to use, durable and high performance. It has a wide range of applications, such as large parking lots and large workshops for commercial and industrial purposes.

Hiking machinery currently has agents in Canada to provide localized service to customers. The products you purchase are shipped directly from Canada without a long waiting time. We also provide you with a one-year free after-sales service, welcome to your inquiry!

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Walk-behind Power Trowel

Ride-on Trowel


GN100 High Speed Trowel Machine

GN100 High Speed Power Trowel is our newest series of high-grade, high performance concrete finishing machine. this machine adopts our latest developed high-grade reducer, with high speed and high stability characteristics. The speed of the blade can reach an amazing 230 rpm, and the stability is good. Compared with the same type of walk behind power trowel, its efficiency can be increased by 1.5 times, which can help you shorten the working time and reduce the manpower input.

K100 36″ Power Trowel

K100 type power trowel is our company’s largest sales of a 36-inch trowel machine, the machine is powered by B&S engine, with a good cost performance.

W60 Mini Power Trowel

W60 type power trowel is also a hot selling 23 inch trowel machines in our company, the machine is powered by Vanguard engine. Machine handle can be folded, easy to transport. The machine can be used not only in small concrete leveling projects, but also as an edger in large projects.

36in power trowe vs high speed power trowel 1

36in power trowe vs high speed power trowel 2



Hiking machinery is a world-renowned supplier of concrete equipment with excellent product quality. The main advantages of the products are:

  1. The machine is equipped with high quality Vanguard / Honda engine, with strong power and excellent stability.
  2. The machine is equipped with high quality reducer, including bd100 engine with the world’s most advanced high-speed reducer, the speed can reach 230rpm, the machine has unparalleled stability and construction efficiency.
  3. Professional factory production, better machine workmanship, longer service life.
  4. We currently have a branch in Canada and stock most of our products in Canada, so we can provide you with the best local service.


Power trowel is a relatively simple mechanical equipment, it has two main accessories. One is the engine and the other is the reducer, especially the reducer, good quality reducer in addition to having a higher service life, the speed is also higher. In addition to having faster construction efficiency the stability of the construction is also better, and not easy to shake. Then is the engine, a good engine can provide ample power for the machine, but also will not easy to fail. In addition, the workmanship of the body will also affect the quality of the machine, because the concrete is very corrosive, poor workmanship machine will be damaged in a short time by corrosion. So when you buy power trowel, you should consider its quality from three aspects: Reducer, engine and body workmanship.


Some customers want to buy used power trowel, as a machine that has been launched for very many years, there are many brand of used power trowel being sold in the market (such as Marshalltown, Bartell). If it is a relatively new machine and the price is still relatively cheap, you can choose to buy it. But if it is an older machine, we do not recommend that you buy it. Because the mechanical performance of these machines has become very poor after years of use and most of the machine body has been severely corroded, when using a sudden failure will have a serious impact on your construction progress. If you are a professional concrete contractor, we still recommend you to buy a new machine.


The rental price of a normal power trowel is usually 80-100 USD per day, and the rental price of a ride on power trowel can reach 200-300 USD per day.

If you can’t rental a power trowel near you, you need to rent a machine from an out-of-state supplier, and you also need to pay high logistics costs. So if your project is not very big, we would still recommend you to do the work manually. If your project is larger, we would recommend you to buy a machine yourself. If you happen to have such a renter around you, and you are not yet a professional concrete contractor and only need to use the machine once, then you can go ahead and rent one for use. Be sure to choose a newer machine to avoid mistakes when using it.


Our blog has articles on how to use the power trowel, including ride on type and walk behind type, which explain in detail the preparation before using the power trowel, when to use the power trowel, how to operate it, and safety precautions during construction. If you want to know how to use the machine, please refer to the following articles:

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