Power trowel is a light construction machine used in a wide variety of concrete projects for smooth and level concrete surfaces. The machine can replace a wide range of hand tools such as hand trowels, hand floats, darby, and concrete floats. It can make construction efficiency tens of times higher and save a lot of labor. This article introduces you to how to use a power trowel and what you should be aware of when using power trowel.

When Should You Use a Power Trowel

The power trowel must be used before the poured concrete is completely dry. Finding the right time to use it is very important, if the concrete is too fresh and wet, using concrete power trowel may cause the concrete material to delaminate.

You can check if you are ready to start working with power trowel by the following:

Put your foot on the concrete. If your footprint is 1/4 inch deep or deeper, if your footprint is only 1 / 4 inch deep or near, and there is no standing water or only a small amount of standing water, you can use a trowel machine to level the surface.

On the other hand, if your footprints have a lot of water or are more than 1/2 inch deep, you may need to wait a while, but don’t wait too long to prevent the concrete from drying out too much.

How To Operate a Power Trowel

The power trowel is mainly include the ride on trowel and the walk behind power trowel, both of which are used to finish the concrete, but there is a big difference in their operation.

how to use a ride on power trowel

How To Use a Ride On Trowel

The ride on trowel is easy to operate. The operation not only saves labor, but also improves labor efficiency.

The specific operation is shown below:

Both hands hold the handle forward and push, the machine moves forward; when both hands pull backward, the machine moves backward; the left hand pushes forward, the right hand pulls backward, the machine rotates clockwise; the left hand pulls backward, the right hand pushes forward, the machine rotates counterclockwise;

When the left hand does not move, the right hand pushes to the left, the machine moves to the left; when the left hand does not move and the right hand pushes to the right, the machine moves to the right. Operation should pay attention to the ground obstacles. If the machine collides with it, it may damage the machine, or worse, it may throw people out of the machine. In addition, during the operation, if there is too much water on the floor, the machine may suddenly lose control and slip. We should pay attention and operate carefully.

Caution:Because the winter in canada is very cold, when the outdoor temperature is too low and icing occurs, antifreeze should be added to the water tank to prevent the water in the water pipe and pump from freezing and affecting the use.the pump cannot get water supply or ice appears in the pump, which will burn the pump and line during operation.

how to use a walk behind power trowel

How To Use a Walk Behind Power Trowel

The power trowel has both floating pan and finishing blade. Start by attaching the floating pan to the concrete power trowel.

After pouring the concrete, start gradually pulling the machine in front of you from one side of the concrete floor to the other.

Let the machine move in a straight line, the operator usually walks backwards so that the power trowel follows the operator’s trajectory and the machine flattens the operator’s footprint. One vertical construction and one horizontal construction are generally required.

After completing two vertical construction processes using the pan, it should be replaced to the finishing blade. As with construction with pan, perform two or more vertical constructions. Note: The first construction with the finishing blade should ensure that the blade is at a 90 degree angle to the direction of the last construction performed using the floating pan.

Gradually increase the pitch of the blade as you work with the blade. This will add more pressure to the concrete surface.

Blade Angle Adjustment

Blade angle adjustment is required when concrete hardness varies with roughing, finishing, grouting or leveling different floors. The adjustment of blade angle directly affects the leveling effect and labor efficiency. The blade angle can be adjusted by rotating the rotary handle as needed. The two sets of blade angle adjusters are independent of each other. When the adjusting screw is in the highest or lowest position, the rotation handle cannot be pulled again or may cause any damage. It should be noted that the machine can only be used when the concrete reaches a certain hardness.

Safety Matters For Using Power Trowel

  1. It is strictly forbidden to use it in the dangerous area where there is a possibility of burning or explosion.
  2. When refueling, the engine should stop working; the locking lighter switch should be pulled out and turned off; when refueling, care should be taken not to leak to the ground.
  3. Smoking or open flame is strictly prohibited near the riding shovel machine.
  4. The fuel tank cover should be tightened, hands or feet should not be put into the protection device to avoid personal injury.
  5. When riding on the shovel machine, you should not put your hands or feet into the protection device to avoid personal injury.
  6. If fuel leakage is found, it should be repaired immediately according to the engine manual or by professional personnel.
  7. Do not touch the muffler when the engine is still hot. Be careful of burns.
  8. When operating riding on the spatula power, pay attention to the balance of the machine to avoid tipping over.
  9. Make sure the handle is gripped firmly when the machine is running.
  10. The blades will have sharp edges after use. You should avoid touching them.
  11. If you lose control, the concrete helicopter may crash into you or go on a spinning binge. In this case, use the emergency switch.