EV850-2 Walk-behind Laser Screed

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EV850-2 Walk-behind Laser Screed

With compact size and lightweight, the ev850-2t not only has a good construction effect, but the construction effect is also very fast. And it is equipped with a new generation of laser system, and the ground levelling can reach the laser screed accuracy.

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Power generation2.8 kw
Engine modelHonda GX200
Engine typeAir-cooled 4-stroke OHV engine
Fuel consumption1.2-1.4L/hour
Operating VoltageSingle phase 220V--50AH
Fuel tank capacity14L
Laser control system
Laser system control methodMicrocomputer laser scanning
Laser system control resultsPlane, slope, double slope
Laser control systemLeica, Switzerland
Walking system
Walking modeReducer+Motor
TireAnti-solid narrow tire (inflatable wide tire)
Leveling head
TypeGravity self-balancing
Vibrating plate width2600mm
Vibration force500N
Vibration frequency4000 times / minute
Level adjustmentLeveling head self-adjusting
Size and weight


1.Intelligent operation by the handle and easy to control; one person can operate the laser screed machine. It can freely move and turn with agility, allowing a running system controlled by hand. The wheels can go forwards, backwards and around with manually controlled speed.

2.Laser gun is installed separately, making it possible to do large area one-time construction while ensuring consistent ground level. The ground level will not be affected by the pattern plates, inducing no random error. Large area one-time construction will reduce the joint place, thus lower the follow-up ground maintenance cost.
3.Integrated Leveling Head comprises scraper blade, vibrator, vibrating plate, screw conveyor and other parts, combining working procedures of mixing, levelling, vibrating, etc., to complete the job in a row, to increase efficiency and reduce cost. It can keep the working surface level even when the ground base is uneven with bumps and slope. Square end vibrating plate of 4000 times/min high vibration frequency will ensure concrete floors with great intensity and dispersed deformation strength, thus effectively preventing floor bubble, shell, cracking and unevenness.
4.The elevation is measured automatically by the laser measurement and control system, and the laser machine’s computer automatically controls the ground’s high point height. The floor can be more even by precision levelling directly on the concrete layer, and the pattern plates will not influence the ground flatness. Without being the formwork, the cost for material and labour as the working period will all get reduced. This machine can finish a construction area of more than 300 sq. meters per hour. which means 3000-5000㎡ per day.

ev850-2 walk behind laser screed ev850-2 walk behind laser screed ev850-2 walk behind laser screed


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