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GN100 High Speed Power Trowel


GN100 High Speed Power Trowel is our newest series of high-grade, high performance concrete finishing machine. this machine adopts our latest developed high-grade reducer, with high speed and high stability characteristics. The speed of the blade can reach an amazing 230 rpm, and the stability is good. Compared with the same type of walk behind power trowel, its efficiency can be increased by 1.5 times, which can help you shorten the working time and reduce the manpower input.

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TYPEHiking GN100 Power Trowel
EngineHonda, B&G, Longxin
Blade diameter1000mm
Blade speed230rpm

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Features of the GN100 High Speed Power Trowel

  1. This powe trowel machine can be selected according to your needs to fit your engine, at present we have Honda, B&G, Loncin and other brands of engines to choose from.
  2. The reducer adopts the latest developed super high speed and high stability reducer, and the blade speed of the machine can reach 230rpm, which has high construction efficiency.
  3. The machine adopts high-precision equipment processing, and after professional debugging, it has high stability.
  4. The surface of the machine is treated with high quality baking paint, which has good corrosion resistance and a longer service life.
  5. The machine adopts self-extinguishing design, when the operator’s careless hand to release the operating handle, the machine will automatically shut down. To ensure the safety of the operator in the construction.

6.Hiking company pays attention to the details of the product, all parts of the small parts of the machine are of high quality to ensure that there will not be any problems in the process of using.


Application range of GN100 High Speed Power Trowel

GN100 power trowel can be widely used in all kinds of indoor and outdoor concrete finish projects, and has a high construction efficiency. Its high quality and fast construction speed makes it ideal for ground construction projects with tight deadlines and high quality requirements.


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